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Hello my name is Kevin, and I've heard that millions of people are using online dating services to find dates, friends, lovers, wifes, husbands, whatever a person desires there are more than likely hundreds of sites for any persons taste or wishes. I've decided to create a number of blogs to assist individuals as they participate in the dating game. I have tried many dating sites, chat rooms looking for dates, so I know how it goes. So here's a little help to all the singles out there.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Too many roadblocks for this to succeed.

Dear Dating Girl: I'm falling for a girl I work with. I'm not sure whether or how I should tell her. We've known each other for about two months and get along very well. I do not see her outside of work except when I bump into her or we take the bus together.
The problem is she's 16 and I'm 19. I don't want to tell her how old I am as she only just turned 16 and I don't want her to freak out and leave.
Another part of the problem is that I am the boss's son and I'm also not sure whether she likes my friend (who brought her in) or whether he likes her. I asked him about it and he denies it but I'm still not sure. What should I do?
-- Too Much Work?
Dear Too Much: Whew! Think you could come up with a few more obstacles between you and this girl? Maybe her aunt's your father's mistress and your friend's sister is in love with this girl's third cousin on her mother's side who's also in love with your friend?
Honestly, this situation sounds way too complicated for your own good.....


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